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The lofty ambition rose to the sky, and Dapeng rushed to the distance with the help of the situation of Kunpeng

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       On January 23, 2024, "Shanghe County Service Promotion Private economy Development Conference and the first" most Beautiful Private Entrepreneur, most Beautiful Private Entrepreneur nomination Award "was solemnly held in the Party School Auditorium of Shanghe County Party Committee.

       Li Xibo, chairman of Qilu Hongye Textile Group Co., Ltd., was awarded the title of "most beautiful private entrepreneur".

       Li Xibo made a speech on behalf of private entrepreneurs: in recent years, under the great attention and strong leadership of the county party committee and county government, the whole county has deeply emancipated its minds and implemented the thinking of "1346", in accordance with the principles of economies of scale and agglomeration effect, guide private enterprises to gather in industrial parks and central towns, and make the "block economy" bigger and stronger. It has created an enterprise operation atmosphere of "wanting to develop, daring to develop and being able to develop", persisted in the combination of going out and inviting in, actively promoted investment by enterprises and businessmen, strengthened horizontal contacts and exchanges, and vigorously publicized and recommended the River of Commerce. We have taken the initiative to capture business opportunities and introduced a number of large-scale, strong and powerful enterprises to settle in Shanghe, and the development of the private economy has achieved an increase in quantity and quality.

       A pro-business and safe service environment, a relaxed and powerful policy environment, an open and inclusive human environment, and a fair and orderly market environment have optimized the work style, promoted administrative behavior, and built a "pro" and "Qing" political and business relationship. it has built a high-level service platform, "protected" the development of the private economy, cultivated the leader of private enterprises, and created a comfortable, secure and secure investment environment. Let all legitimate operators have material benefits, honor and status.

       Looking to the future, "difficulties" should be the main tone of business behavior in various industries in the post-epidemic era. No matter how difficult or tired it is, for entrepreneurs, it is necessary to have a strong quality inside, build an image on the outside, and assume responsibility; to find business opportunities through thousands of difficulties and dangers, to carry out management through thousands of hardships, and to develop industries in various ways. In 2024, private enterprises throughout the county will continue to take the "1346" work thinking of the county party committee and county government as the guidance, take the implementation of the strategy of "strengthening the county by industry" as the goal, strengthen confidence, make concerted efforts, make every effort to speed up the self-construction of enterprises, and strive hard to promote the construction of strong counties with socialist modernization in the new era.