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Riding the wind and breaking the waves at the right time, hanging the clouds and sailing to the sea

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MultipliersWind Breaking Wavesjust rightWhen Hanging the cloud sail straight to the sea

--Hongye Group Held the "Salary Incentive and Performance Management" Project Launch Meeting

    7Month16On the morning of the 15th, Hongye Group held a comprehensive performance management project kick-off meeting in the large conference room of Shandong Hongye Textile Co., Ltd. Dong Naifeng, General Manager of Shandong Qiushi Daming Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd., Li Xibo, Chairman of Hongye Group, Li Hanli, General Manager and other project leaders attended the meeting, which was presided over by Zhang Wenkui, Deputy General Manager of Hongye.

The meeting began with the letter of appointment issued by Li Xibo, chairman of Hongye Group, to Dong Naifeng, general manager of Qiushi Daming;

Li Xibo pointed out in his speech that the current management system, especially the salary performance management, is not compatible with the scale of enterprise development; therefore, it is necessary to clarify the working ideas, use the conversion of new and old kinetic energy as the driving force, continue to promote the level of production capacity, and further consolidate the management foundation. All employees of the group company should form a consensus, correctly understand the importance of performance reform, and actively support and cooperate with the performance reform assessment work; All departments should earnestly perform their duties, earnestly implement the performance appraisal responsibilities, and ensure the smooth development of the project; Project team members should listen to the opinions of employees, do more investigation and research, and establish a reasonable distribution mechanism to encourage employees through democratic centralization, so as to make the reform effective, employees and businesses get the dividends from the construction of the project.

Dong Naifeng said that Hongye Textile and Qiushi Daming should jointly improve the management level during the project construction process, correctly position and grasp the development direction of the enterprise, and improve the modern enterprise management system; the members of the project team should fully implement various measures to ensure The project construction work is effective.

Teacher Dong Naifeng trained "Modern Enterprise Management Concept"

Teacher Gong Xiangyang trained on "Job Description Preparation"

The convening of the "Salary Incentive and Performance Management" project kick-off meeting opened the prelude to the reform of Hongye Group's salary incentive and performance management, making the management of the group company more refined, and the management quality and connotation construction of various businesses will be Get a greater improvement, so as to realize the scientific development of the enterprise and better contribute to the society.

Qiushi Daming project team members, Hongye Group administrative system and production system related personnel total100More people attended this meeting.