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Hongye Group Launching Position Education

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Revisiting Party History and Tempering Party Spirit
In order to strengthen the party spirit cultivation of party members and strengthen the revolutionary belief of "Do not forget your initiative mind, keep in mind the mission", on the afternoon of May 5, all serving party members of Qilu Hongye Group, led by Deputy Secretary Li Xibo, went to Jinan Battle Memorial Hall to carry out party day learning and education activities with the theme of "reviewing party history, recalling the initial heart, tempering party spirit and practicing practice.
During the event, all the party members came to visit the Jinan Battle Memorial Hall. Through the visit, we relived the magnificent revolutionary history. Many precious historical relics and pictures and video materials, vivid pictures, and touching revolutionary scenes have allowed the party members and cadres on the scene to undergo a baptism and sublimation of their souls, and everyone has received a profound party spirit education.
This theme education activity has been carried out solidly and meaningfully. All the serving party members of the company have said that they should always keep in mind the oath of joining the party, consciously strengthen the party spirit training, and strive to improve their personal cultivation. They should take the revolutionary ancestors as an example, inherit the unswerving ideals and beliefs and firm and persistent loyal character of the revolutionary ancestors, base themselves on their own duties, Do not forget your initiative mind, continue to move forward, and take their own practical actions, strive hard to realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.
(Author: Meng Fei)