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Qilu Hongye's "One Day New Employee"

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On May 13, Director Lin Li of Shanghe County Taxation Bureau and his party came to Qilu Hongye Textile Group Co., Ltd. to "join" the enterprise, go deep into the front line, be a taxpayer for a day, make an enterprise account, experience the real feeling of tax management and service, and promote the work of "Spring Breeze Action for Convenience of Civil Tax Administration" in 2022.

Li Xibo, chairman of Hongye Group, expressed his heartfelt thanks to the county tax bureau for its tax policy support and tax business services for the company over the years. He introduced the development history, operation status, production process, current difficulties and achievements of the group company to the "new employees.

Li Xibo accompanied everyone to the first line of the workshop, experienced the production process of spinning from flower cleaning to barrel dropping, understood the advanced level of Hongye Group's technology center, and introduced the practical application value of functional differentiated yarn from a professional point of view.

"During the prevention and control of the epidemic, the leaders of the county tax bureau under the line explained the preferential policies in the form of field experience, understood the situation of the enterprise, operated the tax business, and helped to resume work and production, so that we experienced the actual work of the county tax bureau in implementing the optimization of the business environment, and our confidence in development was even greater." Wang Weixiu, chief accountant of Hongye Group, said at the event.

Lin Li handled the business of the electronic tax bureau as the financial staff of Hongye Group, publicized tax policies, experienced the work experience of front-line staff, listened to the opinions of the company staff, and answered questions about the work process and tax-related system.

Lin Li said, "As a one-day Hongye employee, I have truly experienced the company's production and tax processing business, and provided vivid materials for the work of the county tax bureau. The actual business processing process of taxpayers has been fully tested and the role has been clarified. Improved understanding, stimulated work potential, strengthened work responsibilities, strengthened confidence and determination in tax service work, and focused on enterprises and service enterprises, and built a platform, cohesion, solidly promote the overall work of the county tax bureau."

Li Xibo said that Hongye Group focuses on the "one body and two wings" development model, based on functional differentiation, continuously improves the upstream and downstream industrial chain, optimizes product development, and becomes bigger and stronger. On the basis of paying taxes in accordance with the law, strengthen supervision, further improve the financial management system, prevent tax-related public opinion risks, declare tax work in accordance with the law, and pay tax payments on schedule, making greater contributions to the "strong industrial county" in Shanghe County.