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Social Responsibility Report 2021

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2021Annual Social Responsibility Report


2021Under the correct leadership of the county party committee and county government,Closely centering on the central task of our county, with the theme of the "year of Management efficiency", we will vigorously carry out scientific and technological innovation, comprehensively implement fine management, and strive to build a harmonious enterprise. to overcome the difficulties such as the sharp rise in the price of raw materials, rising labor costs, and the continuous appreciation of the RMB, production and operation have seen a good situation that has not been seen for many years, and various economic indicators have achieved rapid growth.

1.Enterprise Profile

Qilu Hongye Textile Group Co., LtdLocatedIn the capital of Shandong Province-Shanghe County in the north of Jinan City, with a total asset value of 1.1 billion yuan, has a production scale of 300000 spindles, 3000 full-automatic air spinning and 1000 looms. The company is one of the top 50 industrial enterprises in Jinan and the "National Textile Advanced Collective". In May 2010, it was named "National Functional Differentiated Fiber Yarn Product Development Base". The company's Shandong Hongye Textile Co., Ltd. has been named the provincial and municipal agricultural industrialization leading enterprises.

The company has been rated as an advanced enterprise by the Jinan municipal party committee and municipal government for many years."Top Ten Private Enterprises in Jinan", "Star Enterprises of Export in Jinan", "Provincial Contract-abiding and Credit-abiding Enterprises", "Civilization of Shandong ProvinceCity Letterprivate enterprise"," Jinan Energy-saving Advanced Enterprise "," Jinan Charity Ten-year Advanced Unit "," Jinan Labor Relations Harmonious Enterprise "and other honorary titles, in 2006 won the" National Textile Industry Advanced Unit ".

The company's products have been obtained."China Cotton Textile Association and Knitting Association National Knitting Yarn Users Trusted Superior Products", "National Inspection Exemption", "Shandong Famous Brand" and "Shandong Famous Brand.


CompanyChairman Li Xibo Jinggang Aiye, has been rated as the leader of Shandong Province's integrity construction demonstration enterprise, Jinan City's outstanding entrepreneur, reform and opening up40 years of outstanding entrepreneurs, Jinan City model workers, Shandong Province textile and garment industry "outstanding entrepreneurs" and other honorary titles.

2. social responsibility management system

The company passed earlier.ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system certification, formed a large number of standardized documents, records, operating procedures. In the preparation of the social responsibility management system management manual, we consciously combine the existing documents to form a relatively independent and complementary organic whole.

The company appoints the executive vice president of the group as the management representative,The establishment of corporate social responsibility management office, the transfer of personnel specializing in social responsibility management. The company has combed the process of the social responsibility management system, and after repeated deliberation, it has compiled a systematic and complete social responsibility "Social Responsibility System Management Manual" that conforms to the actual corporate social responsibility.

3. employee responsibility and security

People are the first element of an enterprise. People-oriented management thought is the essence of modern enterprise system,Building a high-quality workforce is the key to the healthy and steady development of enterprises.

1. Education training and staff development.

The company has established a sound talent selection mechanism and actively encouraged employees to learn technology and engage in research,Cultivate post talents, and constantly improve the evaluation and identification methods for outstanding contribution awards, technical pacesetters, and experts, so that this system can truly boost morale, promote righteousness, and encourage advanced.

The company continues to deepen the reform of the selection and appointment system for leading cadres, and establish a mechanism for the survival of the fittest and the ability to go up and down,Open recruitment of senior and middle managers for the whole society. Gradually improve the long-term mechanism of internal talent training and selection, so that the company can form a matching employment mechanism for social competition, internal training and selection, continuously improve the overall quality of the staff, and provide talent guarantee for the healthy and sustainable development of the company.

2. Contracts, compensation and social security.

In recent years, Hongye Group has thoroughly implemented the scientific concept of development, standardized the order of labor and employment, continuously improved the welfare of employees, vigorously promoted humanized management, and fully mobilized and brought into play the enthusiasm of employees to participate in enterprise management.

The company implements the relevant laws and regulations of the state,Employment of minors is prohibited. The 15th of each month is the specific time for the company to pay wages and allowances. According to the legal provisions of the holiday overtime, normal working days more than 8 hours, overtime wages are paid.

The payment rate of labor insurance expenses reaches100 percent. After signing the Labor Contract with the employees, the company will pay five kinds of social insurance for the employees, including basic old-age insurance, unemployment insurance, medical insurance, work-related injury insurance and maternity insurance.

3. Democratic management and rights protection.

The company has established a trade union in accordance with the law,The trade union committee is elected through the trade union congress to protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees in accordance with the law. All employees who have worked in the company for 12 months have joined the trade union.

Managers adhere to humane management in their daily work,Put an end to rough, simple working methods. Through education and guidance, a positive corporate culture has been formed, which has enhanced the cohesion and fighting strategy of the enterprise.

4. Safety and occupational health.

The company establishes and improves the enterprise safety management system, promotes the safety standardization management, Strengthen safety publicity, training and education, and strengthen the safety awareness of all employees. perfect the management system, Improve all emergency plans. Strengthen special inspections and increase special rectification of production safety.Do a good job in safety planning and increase investment in safety. The company has been fire-free for many years,No fatalities, no major accidents,It has laid a good foundation for the safe, harmonious, better and faster development of the enterprise.

Actively improve the labor protection of employees. The company regularly distributes labor protection supplies to employees,Employees are regularly organized to go to the county epidemic prevention station for physical examination, and no occupational diseases have occurred in the company for many years.

4.Product Quality and Service

Since the establishment of the company, always adhere "Be refined, specialized and strong"development strategy,To do "boutique" as the pursuit of the goal, to serve customersFor appointed,Committed to the "Hongye" into a national well-known brand in the textile industry.

1. Excellent product quality.

Through years of effort,The company's technical equipment level is rapidly improving, mainly spinning.The special pieces and equipment are all made of famous brand products representing the world's advanced level,FineComb machine, automatic winder and other key processes to introduce world-class equipment for spinning quality products.A solid foundation has been laid. At the same time, the company pays close attention to internal management, so that product quality refersThe bid remains in the Uster Bulletin for a long time. 5Yarn products are exempt from the state.Inspection,The pure cotton knitting series yarn was continuously rated by China Cotton Textile Association and Knitting Association"Users can trust superior products", "Shandong famous trademark" and "Shandong famous brand"Products.

2. Strict quality management.

We continue to summarize the accumulation in production practice,On the basis of continuous improvement of the quality management system, combined with the actual situation of the enterprise, a unique quality management model has been formed.

First, in the process of developing and producing new products, a rigorous and practical form management has been invented. When the semi-finished product moves from the previous process to the next process,The duty lathe workers and management personnel of the two processes must go through careful inspection and sign and hand over after confirming that they are correct before they can be put into production.

Second, before the construction of each new variety,By the technical leader accordingto liveexperience or trial spinning,Issue a detailed new product mission statement and convey it level by level to avoid work errors affecting product quality and delivery time.

Third, focus on strengthening the management of fallbacks. We use dedicated management of fallbacks,Separate storage and the establishment of a detailed fall-back file.

3. Perfect after-sales service.

Companies to increase human, material and financial input,An information service platform has been established and information sharing has been gradually realized. On this basis, the marketing department has established customer files and product delivery files, which greatly improves the service level and service quality.

In order to understand the use of products and customer satisfaction,The company visits customers at least once a year and issues the Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire twice. After the company understands the customer's complaints about quality problems, it immediately organizes relevant departments and personnel to study solutions and take corrective measures to ensure that the reasonable requirements of users are met.

4. Positive brand strategy

The company took out millions of dollars for corporate brand promotion. The company publishes advertisements in various media to promote the company's trademarks and products, increasing the company's visibility,Protecting the interests of the business. By participating in the China Trademark Festival, Canton Fair, exhibitions, product launches, etc., to promote the company's products and brands, and expand the company's trademark awareness.

5. Standardized contract management.

The company's sales work is strictly implemented procedures. Every sales business,Whether the customerorderOr customer proofing,All must be regulated and bound by a written contract.

The contract regulates fair competition. The text of the contract is easy to understand,The format is clear and eye-catching; not to disrupt market order by improper business means. Before making a commitment to provide products to customers, the company has reviewed the determined product requirements.

5. Charity and Public Welfare

The company in its own development at the same time,Give back to society with all your strength and devote great efforts to public welfare undertakings. For several years,Qilu Hongye Textile Group Co., LtdThe company has donated nearly one million yuan to the education sector,Donate 2 million yuan to the new rural construction, with a cumulative donationNumberMillion yuan, rated by Jinan Charity Federation"jinan charity decade" advanced units.


Qilu Hongye Textile Group Co., Ltd