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Eternal Love Helps Charity

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In order to further deepen the study and education of party history, vigorously promote the traditional virtues of poverty alleviation, and better play the positive role of charity and public welfare in helping rural revitalization, on the morning of June 8, Hongye Group actively responded to the call of the county party committee and the county government. The headquarters factory and the factory of Shandong Hongye Textile Co., Ltd. carried out the "Charity One Day Donation" activity. Company leaders, cadres and employees contributed their love together and put the charity money into the donation box in turn. On-site donation activities totaled 10930 yuan.

Since its establishment, Hongye Group has been concerned about and supporting philanthropy. Since 2004, Hongye Group has persisted in carrying out the activity of "one-day donation of compassion", which has carried forward the spirit of helping others and selfless dedication of the broad masses of workers, enhanced their sense of unity, dedication and overall situation, and created a good atmosphere of charity, love, mutual assistance and harmony in the enterprise with practical actions. It has created a good social image of the company to shoulder social responsibility and serve the people's livelihood, at the same time, it has also been recognized by the society.

On the eve of the 100 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the group company has further stimulated the enthusiasm of all cadres and workers to devote themselves to the textile industry by carrying out the "one-day donation" activity, and presented the 100 anniversary of the party with practical actions. The vast number of cadres and workers have said that helping the poor is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, and carrying out the "one-day donation" activity plays an important role in developing philanthropy, promoting social equity and promoting social harmony. As cadres and workers of leading enterprises in Jinan textile industry, they should give full play to their exemplary and leading role and actively participate in the "one-day donation" activity. Extend a helping hand and love to the needy people in urgent need, take practical actions to support the development of charity, promote the construction of a harmonious society, and practice the core values of socialism.