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National Development and Reform Commission to Hongye Research

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On the afternoon of May 10, Gao Guoli, director of the Institute of Land Development and Regional Economics of the National Development and Reform Commission, and his entourage came to Hongye for research. The research team focused on the construction and operation of high-end worsted towns, the problems faced by industrial development, and the employment and income of workers. Field visits. Group Chairman Li Xibo, Deputy General Manager Wang Weixiu and other leaders accompanied the investigation.

The research team listened to a brief report from Shandong Hongye Textile Co., Ltd., watched the Hongye Group corporate promotional video, visited the workshop production site, and inquired about the company's production and operation, product processing and production technology, and the company's humanistic care. The raw material experiment of the technology center and the innovation and development of product development expressed their opinions; finally, the research team had a discussion with the relevant subsidiaries of the group company, each enterprise briefly introduced the development of the company, and exchanged views with the research group on the development of foreign trade, domestic market development, intellectual property protection, implementation of industry standards, social benefits, farmers' income increase and problems in the process of enterprise development in recent years.

The research group expressed appreciation for the company's achievements, and believed that Hongye textile, on the basis of consolidating the traditional manufacturing industry, made bold innovation, promoted foreign trade and domestic market simultaneously, and walked out a distinctive development road; the research group said that it would absorb the good opinions put forward by the company into the report, so as to provide experience reference for more private enterprises.