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Together in the same boat for the development of textile business river spectrum new chapter

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    8Month29On the 15th, the first meeting of the Textile and Garment Branch of Shanghe County Entrepreneurs Association was held ceremoniously. Li Hanli, president of the textile and clothing branch and general manager of Hongye Group, and Zhang Wenkui, secretary general of the branch and deputy general manager of Hongye Group, attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Li Hanli focused on the rational face of the complex situation of the current industry development, ShangheTextile and clothing brand influenceof the marketExpandThe regional competition of textile and garment enterprises, the absorption and training of enterprise professionals, the working purpose and organization construction of textile and garment branch were made.

Li Hanli said that the branch should form a platform for mutual cooperation, concentrate efforts, share information, learn from each other's strengths, resist risks, safeguard rights and interests, develop together, strengthen confidence, maintain determination, continue to carry forward the spirit of hard work, and strive to do a good job"Six guarantees" and "six stability" to open up a new situation in the textile and garment industry in Shanghe. Through the development and exchange platform of the textile and clothing branch, seize the opportunity, abide by the faith, unite as one, and develop together; rely on the strength of the Shanghe Entrepreneur Association, give full play to the wisdom of all members, and actively focus on the strategic deployment of the county party committee and county government to build a 100 billion-level textile and clothing industry cluster in Shanghe, and strive to compose"Textile Commercial River"A new chapter.