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Production and marketing docking to help precise cooperation and interconnection application to explore supply-side reform

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   On July 24, the first production and marketing docking meeting of Jinan textile and garment industry was held in Shanghe.

In order to help enterprises get rid of the predicament after the epidemic as soon as possible and solve the problems such as the low coordination rate of the industrial chain of the textile and garment industry and the obstruction of product exports, the "First Production and Marketing Matchmaking Conference of Jinan Textile and Garment Industry" actively builds a supply-demand docking platform through on-site visits, professional forums, project negotiations, commodity displays, online live broadcasts, and college design releases, etc., to alleviate the prominent supply-demand and supply-oriented contradictions in our city, accelerate the promotion and application of the industrial Internet, help the supply-side structural adjustment of the textile and garment industry, and explore new ways in the development of textile and garment enterprises under the normalization of the epidemic.

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Leadership Speech

Professional Forum

Supply and demand docking

The meeting was sponsored by Jinan Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology and Shanghe County people's Government, hosted by Jinan Textile and Garment Industry Association, and co-sponsored by Jinan Textile Science Research Institute and Qilu Hongye Textile Group Co., Ltd.

Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, Provincial Textile and Apparel Industry Association, Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Shanghe County People's Government, some district and county industrial and information authorities, colleges and universities, professional e-commerce platforms, industrial Internet service providers, Large-scale personalized creative fashion design companies, 45 key textile and apparel production enterprises in Jinan, cotton yarn fiber wholesale enterprises, apparel accessories sales enterprises, large-scale apparel wholesale and retail enterprises and other units attended the meeting.