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Textile scrap bidding

Release time:




One,Name and quantity of scrap

TextilesThe scraps are mainlyCombed cotton, cotton wool, car belly, and other blended scraps;Quantity approx.500tons;

IIInstructions to Bidders:

    1Carry during biddingvalid personal documents, and pay1Ten thousand yuan bid bond;After winning the bid, it will be converted into a contract performance bond, and the entire bond will be deducted if the bid is not executed.;Not winning the bid,Full refund of bid bond;

    2Tender aboveMaterialAllCan be led by the sales departmentLook at the goods in advance, no picking after winning the bid, the quantity is based on the actual.Pounds shall prevail,And within the time specified in the contract to clear the goods;

    3Entering into the plant areaMust abide by the company's rules and regulations, are not allowed to carry fireworks.

    4If there is any doubt, the bidding site shall be submitted.

Time and place of 3. bidding

26 May 2020 9:30 AM

Hongye Group Marketing Department, No. 26 Shangzhong Road, Shanghe County


For details: Manager Wang13793140235    Manager Wang13864027820


Qilu Hongye Textile Group Co., Ltd