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Domestic logistics business bidding

Release time:



1,Guangdong, Fujian

2,Within Jiangsu,Jiangyin Yancheng vehicle (27above tons);

3,Zhejiang, Shanghai, Anhui

4,ProvinceQingdao,Zhucheng,Weifang,Yishui,Jining,Liaocheng,Yantai, etc.


1,About Guangdong7000tons (approx.6000tons of vehicle); Fujian800tons

2,Jiangsu approx.7000Tons (Jiangyin Yancheng vehicle approx.5000tons, other regions in Jiangsu about2000tons);

3,Zhejiang, Shanghai, Anhui About3000Tons.

4,Province 3000tons


Including tax (issue VAT invoice);

4.Payment Method

wire transfer,25The VAT invoice is issued for reconciliation before the number, with the receipt and invoice for the following month.20daily payment;

5. deposit (deducted in freight):

1, Guangdong, Fujian20million;

2, Jiangsu, Jiangyin, Yancheng vehicle (27tons or more),20million;

3Zhejiang, Shanghai,Anhui 10Ten thousand.

4, within the province5million


1,Require to send a car in a timely manner, positive and kind attitude.

2,Aging: Guangdong72Delivery within hours, Jiangsu.Zhejiang.Shanghai48Delivered within hours. If the customer claims due to delivery delays, the logistics company shall bear the corresponding responsibility.

3,Accounts January 1 pair, monthly25The VAT invoice will be issued a few days ago, and the overdue invoice will be automatically transferred to the next month.

4,The quotation is the same round trip price.

7.Tender Date

2020Year5Month5Day morning900



9. Contact Phone

Manager Dong: 13853159779



                                    Qilu Hongye Textile Group Co., Ltd