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Contact Information

Contact Phone:

0086-0531-84888888 84880488

Address: No.26 Shangzhong Road, Shanghe County, Jinan City, Shandong Province

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Semi-worsted color spinning series


  • Product Description
  • Semi-worsted/color-spun

    Nylon 50/Viscose 33/Modal 17 30NM/2

    Wool 6/Acrylic 20/Nylon 20/T54 42.5NM

    Acrylic 45/C55 48NM

    Wool 8/Viscose 50/T42 49NM

    Wool 10/Tencel 40/Modal 30/Acrylic 20 40S

    Wool 14/Modal 30/Cotton 30/Acrylic 26 73NM

    Wool 20/nylon 20/A20/T40 42.5NM

    Wool 30/Acrylic 70 68NM

    Wool 33/nylon 25/A42 48NM

    Wool 10/A30/Nylon 20/T40 28NM

    Japan Type C Acrylic Fiber 63/Velaufter 19/Nitrile 16/Transparent Conductive (B638) 24S

    Domestic acrylic 60/combed 40 24S

    Japan Type C Acrylic Fiber 60/Velauft 39/Japan Black Guide Fiber 1 24S

    Domestic Acrylic Fiber 55/JC43/Japan Black Guide Fiber 2 16S


    Note:All fibers can be mixed with any multi-component, with compact spinning, siro spinning, siro compact spinning, air spinning, and slub devices. Please contact the sales manager according to the "contact us" column information-win-win cooperation!

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