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The company has always adhered to the development concept of doing fine, doing special and strong


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Tencel / Silk Silk Series

Product Description

Tencel / Silk Silk Series

Tencel 50 / JC50 40S
Tencel 70 / JC30 68S
Tencel 20 / JC80 36S
TENCEL 20 / T80 40S
Tencel 92 / Silk Silk 8 86NM
Silk 15 / Orchid M85 40S
Silk 5 / R85 / JC10 40S
Silk 5 / R95 40S


Note: All fibers can be arbitrarily multi-component blended, with compact spinning, Siro spinning, Siro compact spinning, air spinning, slub device. Please contact the sales manager based on the information in the "Contact Us" column-win-win cooperation!

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