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Scientific research and development

The company has always adhered to the development concept of doing fine, doing special and strong

Technical Center

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In 2009, despite of difficulties in production and management and extremely tight budget, the company constructed a new product R&D center at full swing, raised funds of more than RMB 60 million from a number of sources for technological innovation, rapidly expanded to the field of high-tech differentiated textile, successfully developed several hundred multi-component, differentiated and functional series products, and launched the production of more than 100 new varieties. At present, our products are no longer the traditional textiles but new differentiated and functional fiber yarns with high-tech contents. The products not only are characterized by environmental protection, natural and differentiation, but also have specific features, such as moisture control, anti-bacteria, deodorization, anti-static, warm keeping and temperature regulation.


This year, seven patents the company applied for have been accepted. Among these seven patents, four are patents of invention, and five functional and differentiated products fill domestic blank. The company is also applying for a number of other patents. This May, China Textile Industry Association, China Cotton Textile Association and National Textile Product Development Center recognized the company as “National Development Base for Functional and Differential Fiber Yarn Products”. So far, less than 90 enterprises among hundreds of thousands of Chinese textile and garment enterprises have received this title.


Meanwhile, the company has adjusted production processes and configuration, and added color spinning, Siro spinning, compact spinning and other new spinning production capacities. Our company has also created a new spinning method – “assembly spinning”, which is able to spin necked yarn products assembled by a variety of fibers different from ordinary necked yarns according to the requirements for different styles and patterns. At the same time, decorative yarns can use different fiber materials. Fabrics woven by such yarns have colorful decoration on the surface after dyeing, and give people a sense of freshness and mystery.

Technical Center