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The company has always adhered to the development concept of doing fine, doing special and strong

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Qilu Hongye Textile Group Co., Ltd.(Qilu Hongye for short) is located in Shanghe County, North of Jinan, with an area of about 600,000m2, and total assets of RMB 800 million. Its main business, textile, owns a production capacity of 300,000 spindles, 3000 heads of automatic air flow spins and 1500 looms. For years, the company’s excellent business performance, annually increasing taxable capacity and irreplaceable contributions to the local employment, have made it pillar and pioneer of the local economy. For this reason, the company has also won various credits, rated as Advanced Group in Nation’s Textile Industry in 2006, awarded as Advanced Unit by CPC Jinan Municipal Committee and Jinan Municipal People’s Government for successive years and listed as Jinan’s Top 50 Industrial Enterprises as well as Jinan’s Top 10 Private Enterprises.


Since its establishment, Qilu Hongye, sticking to the concept of “Precise, Professional, Strong”, aiming at quality products and focusing on serving the customers, has been devoted to making Hongye a well-known brand in textile industry nationwide. Through years of efforts, there has been a rapid development as far as the company’s technical and equipment level is concerned. World leading famous branded textile components and equipments have been brought in: for combers and drawing frames, we have Swiss Rieter; Germany Schlafhorst and Japan Murata’s newly developed automatic winders are employed; and we have also introduced two Swiss Fong’s high voltage vacuum yarn steaming machines. All these lay a solid foundation for high quality. In the meantime, the company pays close attention to inner management, has actively introduced world leading management modes, and passed the certifications of ISO9001 and ISO14001 early.


Featuring “professional”, the company has been painstakingly developing and producing top-grade knitting yarns and differentiated special fiber yarns and achieving satisfactory successes. Combing and carding yarns 32S~60S won the title of National Trustable Excellent Yarn Product elected by China Cotton Textile Association and Knitting Association; combing yarns 80s, 100s and 120s are the preferred products of top-grade garment and home textile manufacturers. Our pure cotton and blended yarns are “National Inspection-free Products” and have been “Shandong Famous Trademark” and “Shandong Famous Brand Products” for years. The series of differentiated fiber products, as well as Sirospun, compact spinning and colored spinning products are widely acknowledged and appraised for their high quality, stable quality indicators, excellent style and hand feels.


Hongye Group is good at drawing development dynamics from unfavorable situations and seeking opportunities in crises. Though the global financial crisis has exerted certain influence on us, we have managed to grasp the new growth points in the drastic changes. The implementation of Adjustment and Revitalization Plan of Textile Industry, in particular, has given rise to a new development chance for textile companies. Based on the professional and excellent making of top-grade cotton weaving yarns and blended colored yarns, Hongye Group’s actively readjusted its product structure and is heading rapidly into the area of high-tech differentiated textile products. The refractory protective clothing Aramid fabric it developed won the Third Prize of Science and Technology Progress of Jinan. It also produced large quantities of differentiated multi-blended products with different functions, including chitin fiber, milk fiber, soybean fiber, pearl fiber, bamboo fiber, Tencel, modal, fiber flax, wool, cashmere, stamen, cony hair, acrylic fiber, vinylon, nylon, moisture absorption fiber, cation dacron, conductive fiber and fire resistant fiber as well as dyed yarns such as cotton, dacron, tencel and rayon. Meanwhile, the company is sparing no effort to build the new product research and development base, strengthen the technology innovation vigor and regulate production processes and configurations, adding productive capacity in new spinning yarns such as colored spinning, sirospun and compact yarn and making concrete breakthrough in the research and production of special yarns, e.g. disorder slubby yarn.


People in Hongye are devoted to building a science and technology intensive enterprise so as to achieve sustainable development that lasts hundreds of years.

Company Profile